Struggling to keep all the balls in air but still need to keep perspective?

Being a mom, wife, employee, business owner, volunteer and now grandmother I’m constantly asked how do I keep it all in perspective? How do I keep the important things in my life, important. make the important things in life, important.  I don’t have a magic pill or time machine, however I do want to share a few things to struggling moms out there that I’ve try to do consistently.

Have at least one goal that is yours and yours alone.

I started years ago, I wanted to run the local 15K. This goal kept showing up year after year. I would accomplish other goals but this one kept having to rewrite. I was on my way to becoming debt free and making headway. While I was listing out my goals for the year it occurred to me that I could use the same system.  So in 1999 I only had one item on my list. I would run the 15K.

The Run was in October, this gave me 10 months to train. At this time,  the only running involved a naked 2 year old after a bath.

I had the goal, now I needed at plan. I decided to break the training into small parts. This is easier to swallow. I had 10 months which translated to 43 weeks. So I started with a quarter of mile, I ran every day adding another quarter of a mile.  I ran every day.

I finished the run took over 2 and half hours. But I felt great about finishing the race, my body didn’t respond for days later.

The point I’m trying to make is; as mom’s we are to care of the family on track, however we have to take care of ourselves because we can’t hire anyone else to do it.