Run from your comfort zone and make a difference.

We have a desire to learn to walk, a desire to talk and then to drive a car, but when does that desire begin to fade. Why do certain things inside us scream THIS IS IT and other things don’t even have a whimper?
Having a better life should scream at us. Living life to the fullest and not just getting by needs to talk louder than what are the Kardashian’s doing tonight?
I believe it’s our comfort zone. When it is comfortable for us we don’t look to make it uncomfortable. WE SHOULD. Only when I was tired of being in debt did I finally say “THIS IS IT”. I came out fighting with a plan, but why didn’t I have it before I had so much debt that it took almost 8 years to clear it up?

Why couldn’t I see it coming before it got so bad? Just like my weight, why couldn’t I stop the extra eating during the first 10 extra pounds? It would have been easier and isn’t that what we want in the first place?
I appeal to you now. Stop the madness. Think of what you want financially in your life, or anything in life, are you where you want to be?
Start today by changing a small habit. Change one small thing that the end would make you great.
Get out of your comfort zone and begin to live the life you were meant to live.