Today's choices determine the life you have tomorrow~ Tina Kucera.


Welcome to the site where everyday choices can save you money!  My goal is to help families and small businesses get clarity on their wants , to develop goals to accomplish their best life ever. Let me help you discover your new financial freedom.

You don’t have to be perfect, just keep trying.

Every year for our birthdays, my sisters and I ask each other two questions: 1. What one new thing did you do this year? 2. What are you planning on doing new next year? It started several years ago;  We decided that each year we would do one thing before our next birthday that we hadn’t done before. The […]

Teach young childern about money in minutes.

nickel plus nickel equal dime

Schools teach our kids what a coin is worth, how to add and subtract it from another coins, however, its left up to us as parents to teach them how to make, save, budget and spend our money wisely. This is ironically not taught in most schools.  Here is a quick way to start teaching your […]

Achieving your dreams in just 3 simple steps.

Everyone knows that if you spend less than you make and save the rest you come out ahead of the game. Doing that however is the hard part. I’m going to show you how to begin with a budget and achieve your dreams in just 3 simple steps.     1. Gain control of your […]

Do you feel like you never have enough money?

Do you have to wait until payday to pay bills? Want to live better and get what you REALLY want? Gain control over your money and your life!!!!!! Sign up for the Budget made easy class today. When: Thursday, March 13th at 7pm   Classes to be held at the Nienhuis Community Center Sign up […]