Today's choices determine the life you have tomorrow~ Tina Kucera.


Welcome to the site where everyday choices can save you money!  My goal is to help families and small businesses get clarity on their wants , to develop goals to accomplish their best life ever. Let me help you discover your new financial freedom.

New Year. Make it count.

List of My Goals

AA new year is a new beginning to reflect on what we did last year and dream of the possibilities that could be ahead.  The wonderment of what life could be always fascinated me. I think that is why I continually read and study goal setting. This is my pattern:  Between Thanksgiving and Christmas each […]

I want to buy a house now what?

If you want to buy a house there are few things to consider:    Do you have good credit?  Your credit score lets creditors know how you handle credit. There are 3 bureaus that keep track of your scores. For more information on the credit scores and how to raise them check out the future […]

Giving the gift of giving.

  Our yearly tradition is gathering the family  together and decorate Christmas cookies. We spend time with kids making and placing all the sprinkles on them, we teach them to make more and give some away. This is one of my favorite memories. We as parents set  what our children expectation for Christmas. They rely exclusively on what we […]

Big Ideas for a Small Christmas Budget

Christmas with loved ones is great but Christmas with kids is SPECTACULAR! Here are few ways to enjoy a great Christmas on a low budget and give kids a spectacular Christmas. Homemade Christmas cards. I don’t send cards to anyone I actually see for Christmas. Sending an e-card is great. Take photos of the year, […]

Decorating a kids room and saving money and time.

I like simple but cute rooms for my kids. Over the years I found a few helpful tips that had to remember when decorating a room.  If you do these steps you shouldn’t have to alter the kids room for many of years which will save you time and money. 1.     Paint is the least cost effective […]