New Year. Make it count.

List of My Goals

AA new year is a new beginning to reflect on what we did last year and dream of the possibilities that could be ahead.  The wonderment of what life could be always fascinated me. I think that is why I continually read and study goal setting. This is my pattern:

 Between Thanksgiving and Christmas each year, I make two lists.

List #1.

This past year, what were 25 of my best accomplishments?

Listing out what my accomplishments are makes me feel productive, reminds me on what is important, and shows me the things in life that sidetracked me the my goals from year before. When reviewing your goals from last year and you only hit a few, acknowledging the life changes that made it impossible to complete makes the process a little better.

List #2

What are my desires for next year?

When I say desires,  I mean burning desires.  Pick something that YOU want. Not what you should want. See that’s why resolutions don’t work. If you should do it, then you would do it. It must be a must. You have to grab it with both hands and not let go.

Spend sometime and think about this.

You must want it no matter what. I had to be debt free before I was 40. No matter what. It took me 7 and 3/4 years but it was my longest goals and one of my lifelong achievements.  One goal, run a 15k took me 10 months. Not all goals have to be that long, however all goals need to be the following:

1.      Write it down.  You have to put it in a place where you will see  often. Daily is great but weekly is the minimum. Once you place it in your conscious, it will manifest in the subconscious, and there it will be materialize and look for ways to accomplish. If nothing else, at least do this step.

2.     Know the Why. List why you are doing it. Give all the reasons. Compare the why list with the goals. This was a new concept given to me by Michael Hyatt. His 5 days to Your Best Year Ever. (Available for limited time only.) I really like this step it had great insights.  He talks about the messy middle  when it isn’t working out and you need that extra punch to make the goal come true.

3.      Be  specific. You wouldn’t plan a vacation, just hop on any plane. No, you plan it out. When your going, where you’re headed to and how you’re getting there. Same for goals.

4.     Set deadline.  Make it doable, but make it a challenge. The thing about challenges is, it makes you stronger and comes easier to deal with bigger challenges. If you take on a big goal with a clear head, it will make it easy to take on the smaller everyday challenges.

5.     Find help.  Acquire the skills you need from the people who can help. This could be anything from reading a book or blog like this one.   Support groups or coaches can help with direction and encouragement.

6.     Visualize the Prize.  Start visualizing yourself as accomplishing it.  Once you visualize your goal your conscious, then your subconscious takes over and finds ways to accomplish it.

7.     Reward as you go. Break down in smaller pieces and small rewards help you stay on track. Warning don’t use anything that will set you back.

If it is your first time trying something new, start small. When I was deeply in debt and wanted to become debt free, I broke it down in small parts by listing out my goal and what it meant to me.  Example here. You can too. Just Believe.