I’m stressed, let’s go shopping.

Often I hear the ever popular phrase… `When I get stressed out, I go shopping’. I cringe when I hear people say it, and I hear it too often while coaching. Shopping while you are stressed damages your budget. Although you’ll feel a false since of freedom, it won’t make you financially independent.

keep calm and call mom

Just relax

Instead of spending emotionally, which never works, try one of these ideas instead…

  1. Go for a walk. This is my favorite. Walk alone, walk your dog or spend quality time with someone. When you’re stressed to make a difficult decision,  take it for a walk.
  2. Work on a Hobby. Take a break and work on something you love. Something that makes you want to smile. Find something relatively low cost that makes you happy.
  3. Write it out. Keep it simple. Take out a sheet of paper, write down your feelings. Throw it away when you are done.
  4. Breathe. Breathe slowly 10-12 really deep breaths; get  oxygen to your brain and throughout your body. This  calms the nerves.
  5. Stretch. We tend to get really tight in the shoulders when we’re stressed. Stand up, stretch your arms, roll  your head and touch your toes.
  6. Make faces in the mirror. You laugh, however, this is great when someone on the phone is aggravating you.
  7. Clean something. Scrubbing the bathroom tub, not only  it is constructive but it gives you a great arm workout.
  8. Call a friend. Call a loved one, someone you trust. When I want to vent I call my sister and say ‘I need to vent’, this tells her I’m having a difficult moment and wish to  tell her my woes without judgment.
  9. Volunteer at your favorite charity. I love to build things. I have found that hitting something with a hammer makes me happy,  I find great pleasure in volunteering at Habitat for Humanity.

We all get stressed from time to time. Maybe you have a way you like to de-stress? Share a comment below.