Giving the gift of giving.


Our yearly tradition is gathering the family  together and decorate Christmas cookies. We spend time with kids making and placing all the sprinkles on them, we teach them to make more and give some away. This is one of my favorite memories.

We as parents set  what our children expectation for Christmas. They rely exclusively on what we teach them from their first memories.
So make it thoughtful, make it great and remember to keep it simple. There are so many options for planning a family tradition.  It doesn’t have to be expensive, just in the spirit.

Kids want our love and attention.


Teach the art of Gift Giving:

Children learn from what they see not what we tell them. So show them the joy of  helping others. Get them involved with you, let them experience the true joy of Christmas.

Children love to give gifts to others. Spend a day or spend a day each week of December to make gifts to those involved in your child’s life, their teacher, their friends.

Take some time and make some memories.