Decorating a kids room and saving money and time.

I like simple but cute rooms for my kids. Over the years I found a few helpful tips that had to remember when decorating a room.  If you do these steps you shouldn’t have to alter the kids room for many of years which will save you time and money.

1.     Paint is the least cost effective way to decorate any room. It makes a statement, it puts a person in a mood as soon as you enter the room, for example, purple being a creative color and yellow is bright, cheerful color. Painting a kids room there is a few things to consider:

  • Pick a color that will be acceptable for the child for the next 5 years? Todays favorite isn’t necessarily favorite tomorrow. Ask yourself 5 years from now do I see them in that room?
  • If your child is a little on the active side and hard to settle down for bedtime, a soothing blue would be a good color. Primary colors are great for class room and playrooms but keeps the mind stimulated.
  • Choose the paint with low or no VOC. This paint has great benefits including a low or zero smell to the paint even while wet. I painted a room with commercial white paint and it took 2 weeks before the smell when away.
  • Even simple patterns on the walls alleviate the need for wall art. Just keep in mind every day they get older and will this paint treatment work for them? If you really want to do a simple painting technique try on a small scale, like one accent wall or small block on the wall. All of my baseboards are off limits. The are one color throughout the house. If my daughters change room colors fine, but the baseboards and ceilings are off limits.
  • Choose semi gloss for walls. This is way easier to keep clean. Especially when the little artist sneak those washable crayons in their room.
  • Have some fun. As my daughters got older they were helping me pick colors, and actually painting. Now both  girls know the best way to paint and paint very well.


2.     Furniture is the second layer of decorating a room.  I’d admit; I’m cheap, frugal and  just thrifty. I have been know to squeeze a penny so hard that Lincoln screamed. I prefer wood furnishings over anything else. Garage sale finds on furniture over store bought is the best. For me the sticker shock is just too much.  I  have a small insight of looking at things on what they can be not just what they are. I say small insight because some of those ladies on Pinterest are really good at it.  I look at things like:

  • Is this a single function or dual function? I used a waist  high dresser top for a changing table for both babies, once the diapers where gone then it was a regular dresser.
  • Is this a piece of furniture grow with my kid? I bypassed the toddler bed and went straight from crib to twin with removable guard rails. (I left the mattress on floor until she got used to it.)
  • Is this a sturdy piece? I have active kids and nephews. All of my furniture was sturdy but I still attached to wall just in case. Love those “L” brackets.


3.     Bedding makes the room. Excited to  do a room in Minnie Mouse, my daughter’s favorite character right before her  2nd birthday, I rushed out and bought it all , the complete comforter package matching curtains and all the extras. I discovered that her next favorite was just around a corner.  So after that I only purchased nice comforters in a solid color unless I got a really good deal on a set. My nephew’s quilt I made him for his bed, went through Circus Clowns, American Eagles,  and Spider man before it wore out. Bedding can be expensive so get one that will last. (I still have my first comforter from when I got married, 26 years old and it still holding up great)


4.     Think out side the box. This is were the real fun begins. Imagining what could be.  My youngest daughter wanted a Pokémon room. Not wanting to buy the complete set just like everyone else. I bought Pokémon balls from a gumball machine and glued them to her drawer handles.  A collection of Pokémon Cards where placed on wall using contact paper. Keep it simple and you can change more often making you a hero while saving money.


My rule of thumb was whenever the girls changed schools, moved or had big birthdays we redecorated.


One time we moved and both girls got a set budget for their rooms. Girls decided to actually switched up the furniture, that with some paint make the job really cost effective. Including your kids ideas and working within the budget made lots of fun for everyone and never  pass up an opportunity to show your kids budgeting techniques. So don’t be afraid to tackle big jobs on small budgets. You can do it.