Giving the gift of giving.

  Our yearly tradition is gathering the family  together and decorate Christmas cookies. We spend time with kids making and placing all the sprinkles on them, we teach them to make more and give some away. This is one of my favorite memories. We as parents set  what our children expectation for Christmas. They rely exclusively on what we […]

5 more ways to save instant cash from the grocery store

Posted earlier this week on the 5 ways to save, here are 5 more ways. 6. Coupons are found in local papers or can be printed online from various websites. I love the on-line sites, many will let you sign up for mailing list and you can actually pick out which ones you want print those. Careful on […]

5 ways to get instant money each week at the grocery store.

Smart shopping at the grocery store is the easiest way to save money quickly. My management job after college was running a grocery store in Houston, Texas for over 2 years. They gave us weeks of intense training in each of the departments. They taught us how to maximize the profits of each department. Now I teach others using my training […]

Christmas Bargins, saves you bucks all next year.

Right after I got married I ran across these Christmas China and fell in love with them. Unable to afford such a large purchase for each item, much less for a complete set, I devised a plan. Every year the day after Christmas  I would revisit the stores and purchased what ever they had in those dishes. Half price  was the best […]

You don’t have to be perfect, just keep trying.

Every year for our birthdays, my sisters and I ask each other two questions: 1. What one new thing did you do this year? 2. What are you planning on doing new next year? It started several years ago;  We decided that each year we would do one thing before our next birthday that we hadn’t done before. The […]

3 simple things to get things done, stay focused and fulfill your dreams.

  Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey and YOU all have one thing in common.  Everyone only has 168 hours in a week. How we spend those hours makes all the difference in the world. Here are 3 things you must keep in mind to get the import things done, stay focused and still live your dreams. 1.    Write […]

Are you enabling your adult childern or helping them?

As parents, we are blessed with the opportunity of caring and nurturing for our children. Our jobs are merely to help with the process of developing a happy and self- sufficient adult with loving hearts. We are given this task to feed, protect, care for, worry about, and teach these helpless babies and watch them […]