3 Things To Protect Your Car From A Car Thief.

My friend’s car was stolen, unfortunately the car thief hit his navigation button to home, used the garage door opener and cleaned out the house. OUCH! Here are 3 simple things you can do to protect yourself. Never list your actual address. Set your navigation or GPS to an intersection near your house. Hide your VIN number.  Thieves use this […]

He’s gone, now what?


It’s tough enough to lose someone you loved, by separation, divorce or death. But it is devastating if they took care of the bills. Trying to think like them , trying to figure out their filing patterns, what bills are current, who needs to be notified, who needs to be paid and who does not, where is all […]

I’m stressed, let’s go shopping.

Often I hear the ever popular phrase… `When I get stressed out, I go shopping’. I cringe when I hear people say it, and I hear it too often while coaching. Shopping while you are stressed damages your budget. Although you’ll feel a false since of freedom, it won’t make you financially independent. Instead of spending emotionally, which never works, […]

Struggling to keep all the balls in air but still need to keep perspective?

Being a mom, wife, employee, business owner, volunteer and now grandmother I’m constantly asked how do I keep it all in perspective? How do I keep the important things in my life, important. make the important things in life, important.  I don’t have a magic pill or time machine, however I do want to share a few […]

Giving the gift of giving.

  Our yearly tradition is gathering the family  together and decorate Christmas cookies. We spend time with kids making and placing all the sprinkles on them, we teach them to make more and give some away. This is one of my favorite memories. We as parents set  what our children expectation for Christmas. They rely exclusively on what we […]

Big Ideas for a Small Christmas Budget

Christmas with loved ones is great but Christmas with kids is SPECTACULAR! Here are few ways to enjoy a great Christmas on a low budget and give kids a spectacular Christmas. Homemade Christmas cards. I don’t send cards to anyone I actually see for Christmas. Sending an e-card is great. Take photos of the year, […]