Stop paying high interest rates!

Are you  “paying things off” with your tax refund year after year? That’s a good decision, right; or is it? Ask yourself this question: ‘Did I accumulate this debt in the last 12 months?’ For years I thought I was being responsible by paying off all my credit cards with my tax return, only to reload the cards again throughout the next […]

New Year. Make it count.

List of My Goals

AA new year is a new beginning to reflect on what we did last year and dream of the possibilities that could be ahead.  The wonderment of what life could be always fascinated me. I think that is why I continually read and study goal setting. This is my pattern:  Between Thanksgiving and Christmas each […]

Struggling to keep all the balls in air but still need to keep perspective?

Being a mom, wife, employee, business owner, volunteer and now grandmother I’m constantly asked how do I keep it all in perspective? How do I keep the important things in my life, important. make the important things in life, important.  I don’t have a magic pill or time machine, however I do want to share a few […]