Big Ideas for a Small Christmas Budget

Christmas with loved ones is great but Christmas with kids is SPECTACULAR! Here are few ways to enjoy a great Christmas on a low budget and give kids a spectacular Christmas.

wrapped gift


  • Homemade Christmas cards. I don’t send cards to anyone I actually see for Christmas. Sending an e-card is great. Take photos of the year, scan into computer and drop an email to your close friends and distant relatives. A link to a short video of your child wishing them a Merry Christmas is truly a Season’s greeting.
  • Give coupons for services. My elderly mother lived by herself but hated to ask for help. So one year I have her a coupon for 3 hours of work each month for a year. She loved it. She used it for things like take the oil changed in car, change light bulbs, light painting and even house work. This is really helpful if you have a skill someone else doesn’t like sewing or cooking, or babysitting for new parents.
  • Christmas cookies. Make from scratch and let the kids help to decorate.  Then give to neighbors and friends.
  •  Have a  small gift to give, think of a cleaver way to give it. My daughter an aviated swimmer received a towel with her swim teams name embroidered on it. So I used the towel to wrap up a beach ball for fun.
  • There are thousand homemade gift ideas online. Look up homemade gifts with your skill. This will get you started.
  • Changing traditions from gifting everyone to drawing names is hard at first to convince others. Try variations, like gifts for kids under 12, everyone else gets to participate in drawing a name. This makes for bigger gifts but is cheaper due to only purchasing one.
  • Get creative, write a story, poem or song. This is a wonderful way to show you care.
  • Give a DVD of a favorite movie, with popcorn and soda. A night together during the busy season makes everyone smile.
  • Offer to put up and take down Christmas decorations. If someone is exspecially busy, offer to do their shopping for gifts. I love to give gifts but hate to shop.

This is the time to of year to reflect on your time with love ones. The perfect gift doesn’t have to expensive, listen to your heart and give love. Happy Holidays.