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Tina Kucera  Money Coach

Tina Kucera
Money Coach

My name is Tina Kucera. I help families and small business owners develop and implement plans to realize their dreams and build a strong financial foundation.

Approaching my 30th birthday, I realized something had to change. I was raising two kids with my loving husband holding, two mortgages, one car payment, $5,000. in medical bills and $15,000. in credit card bills. I devised a plan to become debt free before my 40th birthday. It didn’t take me ten years, it took just over 7, starting with a family income of $9.00 an hour.

While working my plan, I was asked to teach Money Management class for new homeowners for Tulsa Habitat for Humanity. After 8 years, my homeowners were coming back with even more questions and wanted a refresher course. This is when I knew they needed something bigger than just me. Something they could turn to if I wasn’t there to help. I reviewed the possibilities and discovered that the DAVE RAMSEY program was a good fit.  This could give them a basic guide, and with my workshops they could learn how to save even more money.  I still volunteer by holding workshops for the new homeowners,  and various non-profit groups, to show even more people how to save money everyday.

In 1998, my mother and I started a bookkeeping business.  I have owned small businesses and that experience,  began helping other small business owners with how to maximize profits, organize books and various system. This allows the business owner to spend their time on the business to maximize growth.

This naturally progressed to keeping books for families were  having debt trouble with creditors and the IRS, or just didn’t want the hassle of keeping up with the bills.

My mother has since passed, but my love for helping families continues.

Currently, I run a successful coaching business. I am dedicated to helping others seek their passions, while building a strong financial foundation.

Let me help you realize your dreams.