5 more ways to save instant cash from the grocery store

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Posted earlier this week on the 5 ways to save, here are 5 more ways.

6. Coupons are found in local papers or can be printed online from various websites. I love the on-line sites, many will let you sign up for mailing list and you can actually pick out which ones you want print those. Careful on coupons. Coupons promote brand names. Sometimes even with brand name with a  coupon it still doesn’t beat the generic in price.

7. Meat and bakery depratments will slash prices certain times of the day to move product. My meat department has a policy to half priced items that were dated that day at 4pm. So after 4 pm I would purchased meats and take home and either cook or freeze until I was ready to use it.

8. Cut cha-ching. Everytime a butcher or produce clerk makes a  cut then wraps it and displays his haddy work on one of those syrophom trays it costs YOU money.  Always wondered why two watermelon halves is more expensive than 1 whole watermelon? That is because the clerk had to cut it .

9. Discount bin diving. Don’t be afraid of the discount bins. Most of the time items are perfectly good but the store is no longer carrying that particuar brand or size of product. Just watch for expiration dates.

I still remember coming home one day with 7 boxes of cereal. For years the malt of meal cereal in the bags were quite a bit cheaper so my girls never really got box cereal. They were old enough to know that the name brand box cereals were too much money. One day the local store was doing a remodel (love to shop lots of great deals) and I brought home 7 boxes of cereal. When one of my daughters yelled to her sister that we are rich mom bought box cereal!

10. Price matching. Some stores like walmart will price match exact items advertised at other grocery stores. So glance through those ads, you might just save a few bucks.

Have a helpful hint on grocery saving you want to share. Just post.

Happy shopping.