3 simple things to get things done, stay focused and fulfill your dreams.


Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey and YOU all have one thing in common.  Everyone only has 168 hours in a week.

How we spend those hours makes all the difference in the world. Here are 3 things you must keep in mind to get the import things done, stay focused and still live your dreams.

1.    Write down your Goals.  With small children, it’s amazing how we place ourselves on the back burner. We sacrifice those long life dreams for the everyday wins. I’m telling you that you can have BOTH.  The phrase ‘If mama isn’t happy, then nobody is happy’ is so true. Each year I would list out 5 goals I would like to do, and each year I would get about 3 accomplished. One year I noticed that I had listed ‘running in my towns annual 15K’  for several years. Now, the girls were little, I currently wasn’t running or even walking… I decided that year I would have only that as a goal. So I wrote  down to run in the 15K by  October. Not knowing how to train I broke it down to the weeks I had to train, divided  by the distance, I figured if I ran everyday, adding just a half of a mile every two weeks I could make it.  Now that  I have studied how to train I don’t run like this anymore, but the point is I did it. I finished the race. The feeling I got when I crossed the finish line was worth every step.

Here are some helpful hints on goal setting. Make it specific, give it a due date and keep acting on your plan. It is simple as that. It just starts by deciding what it is that you want.

2.     Make a list. I know this sounds simplistic, however when we are raising children, grow a marriage,  and make a living, we drop the ball on things that should be done even with the best intention.  Start with a 3″x5″ index card for each day. I fill it out the night before:  the top 3 things that I would like to happen. List them in priority. If you can only get one thing done tomorrow, what is it? This would be your number one spot on the list. Then if you get that done what is number 2 then 3? This way if you only get the first item on the list done, that’s ok because you already said that this was most important.

First thing in morning read it, and keep it with you throughout your day, always referring back to it. This technique keeps your life dreams in front of you.

3.    Start your day the right way.  Start each day with your intention in mind. I realized that once everyone in the household was awake and the day ‘began,’ I was in autopilot. However, if I woke up just 30 minutes to an hour  earlier, and worked on my plan list, I got really productive.  For instance, in the case of the 15K goal, I would wake up, do my training and was back home before my husband left for work. I felt I was stealing part of a day just for me. My family knew I was “in training”, however I wasn’t taking anytime away from them.   I’ve learned how important taking time for myself.  Now I pass up watching  the latest TV show in order to get the sleep needed to start my day right.

How are you using your 168 hours this week?  Start right now by making list of what you want, list out your priorities, start each day intentionally and you will amaze yourself.