Today's choices determine the life you have tomorrow~ Tina Kucera.


Welcome to the site where everyday choices can save you money!  My goal is to help families and small businesses get clarity on their wants , to develop goals to accomplish their best life ever. Let me help you discover your new financial freedom.

Secret to getting ahead


“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” -Mark Twain The 3 step plan to getting ahead in money is: Make more than you spend and invest the rest. Only invest into things you know. Controlling  your money will help you control your future. If you have trouble getting your finances in check, get help. I […]

Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming

I have heard too many times, I can’t stick to my budget because of Christmas. Seriously? Christmas comes on Dec. 25th every year. So make a plan for it. Make Christmas grand this year. Figure out how much to spend. Break it down by each gift. Divide total neededby the number of months until Christmas, […]

3 Things To Protect Your Car From A Car Thief.

My friend’s car was stolen, unfortunately the car thief hit his navigation button to home, used the garage door opener and cleaned out the house. OUCH! Here are 3 simple things you can do to protect yourself. Never list your actual address. Set your navigation or GPS to an intersection near your house. Hide your VIN number.  Thieves use this […]

He’s gone, now what?


It’s tough enough to lose someone you loved, by separation, divorce or death. But it is devastating if they took care of the bills. Trying to think like them , trying to figure out their filing patterns, what bills are current, who needs to be notified, who needs to be paid and who does not, where is all […]

How to buy the right car for the right price.

914 Porsche

My daughter was recently in a wreck which totaled her car.  She is ok, but devastated that her car has to be replaced. I gave her a list of things to think about and to find the right car for the right price. Purchasing a car is the second biggest investment most people will make in their […]

I’m stressed, let’s go shopping.

Often I hear the ever popular phrase… `When I get stressed out, I go shopping’. I cringe when I hear people say it, and I hear it too often while coaching. Shopping while you are stressed damages your budget. Although you’ll feel a false since of freedom, it won’t make you financially independent. Instead of spending emotionally, which never works, […]

Stop paying high interest rates!

Are you  “paying things off” with your tax refund year after year? That’s a good decision, right; or is it? Ask yourself this question: ‘Did I accumulate this debt in the last 12 months?’ For years I thought I was being responsible by paying off all my credit cards with my tax return, only to reload the cards again throughout the next […]

Debt Free, 5 simple steps to a better life.

pile of money

Once I decided to become debt free before I was 40. I had to make a plan and stick to it.  Deciding to become debt free was the easy part. Researching a plan of action was another thing all together. I went to the library and read everything I could on personal finance and money.  I even had to […]